The Balanced Personal Fitness Difference

There are many personal trainers out there, so what is it that sets BPF apart?

Superior Instruction

Jay training a client

Most trainers know the basics of exercise but that is simply not enough these days. Jay has made it his business to fully understand exercise and how it relates to your body.

Jay is committed to keeping his knowledge of fitness training and nutrition current. He strives to combat fitness and bodybuilding myths and passes that knowledge on to his clients.

His goal is to make resistance training, aerobic exercise and stretching safe and effective.


Jay designs programs to fit your unique goals, fitness level, and individual health needs. He will help you sort through all the diet myths and learn to eat healthy without making major sacrifices.

Whether your goal is weight loss, sports-specific training, strength building or increased flexibility, BPF's personalized programs bring results. Through careful planning and design of each program, plateaus are avoided and results maximized in the least amount of time.

Jay training a client


Jay is a results-oriented motivator who wants to see you succeed.

With an endless variety of activities to choose from, in the gym, at home or outdoors, Jay will continually update your routine to keep it fun and effective.


BPF brings fitness training to you! Jay is available to train you in the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and eliminating hassle. Busy schedule? No problem! Jay is available outside office hours, both morning and evening.


BPF offers you convenient, high quality fitness instruction at reasonable rates. By design BPF's rates are competitive with the personal training rates of quality health clubs in the greater Seattle area.