What BPF Can Do For You

Fitness Assessment and Goal Setting

Jay training a client

Personal training with BPF starts with fitness assessments and goal setting. Jay will determine your body fat percentage, perform girth measurements, and test your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

Once your current level of fitness has been assessed, Jay will work with you to set your fitness goals, including weight loss, body shaping, or simply an overall lifestyle change.

Exercise Program Design

Based on your level of fitness and goals, Jay will create a personalized workout program covering the areas of resistance training, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and nutritional guidance.

For example, a weight-loss program would focus on proper nutrition, cardio and weight training for maximum fat reduction (ideal for those that need to shed 25 or more pounds).

Resistance Training

Jay training a client

Resistance training with BPF is a combination of machine-based training, Swiss ball training (don't worry if you don't know what this is; it's fun!), free weights and elastic bands.

BPF also provides sports-specific activities for athletes. These activities are designed to improve your athletic performance through proper conditioning for your favorite sport.


Jay training a client

Cardiovascular Endurance Training

Cardiovascular endurance focuses on target heart-rate training (where you train within your range of maximum benefit).

It can be machine-based or outdoors, and can include circuit training, stair climbing (real stairs!), running and even hiking. BPF will provide whatever cardio training keeps you motivated and having fun.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility training is more than just injury prevention. Whether you're a serious competitor or training for personal benefit, proper stretching during and after your workout will improve your performance, increase your flexibility, and make you feel better. BPF will show you how.

Nutritional Guidance

BPF also provides nutritional guidance. For example, if your goal is weight-loss, your current diet will be analyzed and recommendations made on how to obtain and maintain a leaner body.

Because diets do not work, Jay will help you find healthy food preferences that you can actually live with over the long term.